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Designed for growing businesses, Avaya Magix is expandable up to 80 lines and 200 phones. The Avaya Magix phone system offers fully-featured digital functions with LCD and soft keys. Perfect for small to medium size businesses.

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Shown below are some used Avaya Magix package prices. Systems can be configured with more or less phones than listed, depending upon your needs. Up to a maximum of 80 lines and 200 phones. Call for prices if what you need is not shown.

We Sell Refurbished Avaya Magix

(See pricing below)

Without Phones - $199

Used Avaya Magix - 8 Phone System

Configured for 4 lines and capable of 12 phones
1 4424LD+ and 7 4412D+ Phones - $549

Configured for 8 lines and capable of 24 phones
1 4424LD+ and 15 4412D+ Phones - $799

Used Avaya Magix - 24 Phone System

Configured for 8 lines and capable of 24 phones
1 4424LD+ and 23 4412D+ Phones - $999

Used Avaya Magix Systems Above Include

Avaya CKE5 Processor with Caller ID
All phone are 2 line display phones
Fully refurbished with 1 year warranty

Additional Options for Avaya Magix

Add for each 4412D+ phone - $25
Add for Voice Mail Avaya Messaging 4 Port $495

Refurbished Used Avaya 4412D Phone Refurbished Used Avaya 4424LD Phone
Avaya Magix 4412D+ Avaya Magix 4424LD+

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