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Used NEC DTR-16D-2 Display Telephone

Sell Used NEC Telephone Systems

We will pay you top dollar for your used NEC phone system and NEC phones. Just contact us today to sell used NEC phone systems and NEC phones in good working condition. We pay for freight. Call 1-888-234-4975 for more details.

Sell your used NEC Systems and Phones
Email sellphones@businessphonesystems.com or call 1-888-234-4975 today.

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NEC phones and phone systens help businesses benefit from the greater productivity today's phones provide. The UNIVERGE family of desktop phones, in-building wireless systems and softphones help worker quickly and reliably access tools, information and individuals anywhere and at anytime. The many customizable options and advanced features available on NEC phones provide businesses even more flexibility in how they communicate.

NEC DTL 12D-1 Digital Phone 680002

NEC DTL 12BT-1 Digital Phone

NEC DTL 24D-1 Digital Phone 680004

NEC DTL-32D-1 Digital Phone 680006

Used NEC DTR-4D-1 Display Telephone (780031)

NEC DTR-8D-2 Digital Phone

Used NEC DTR-16D-2 Display Telephone (780048)

NEC ITL-6DE-1 DT710 Display Telephone (690001)

NEC ITL-8LD-1 Display Telephone (690010)

NEC ITL-12D-1 IP Phone 690002

Used NEC ITL-24D-1 DT730 Display Telephone (680004)

Used NEC ITL-32D-1 DT730 Display Telephone (690006)

NEC ITR-4D-3 Display Telephone (780019)

NEC ITR-8D-3 IP Phone

NEC ITR-16D-3 IP Phone

NEC ITR-32D-3 Display Telephone (780045)

We Sell Refurbished NEC Phones

We can quote an existing system configuration or design a refurbished NEC phone system to fit your needs. If required, we can install your refurbished used NEC telephone system through our nationwide network.