We Buy Used Nortel BCM 450

Nortel BCM 450

We Sell Used Nortel IP Telephone Systems for Your Business

Easy to install, maintain and use. Supports digital and IP telephone sets. Security to keep your communications protected. Mobility solutions so employees are more reachable. Advanced features for today's business issues.

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Buy Refurbished BCM 450 Package Deal

BCM450 R6 equipped with 32 voice msg seats
1 PRI Module
1 DSM32+ Module
1 GASM8 Module
24 T7316e Digital Display Speakerphones

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Nortel BCM 450 package with T7316E Phones

Custom configuration packages available.

We Sell Refurbished Nortel BCM 450 IP Phone Systems

The Nortel BCM 450 is perfect for medium size businesses with 30 to 250 users. The Nortel BCM 450 is an all-in-one affordable solution for converged voice and data communications. The Nortel BCM 450 includes robust telephony features, voice messaging, IP networking, internet access, mobility solutions and IP telephony. The Nortel BCM 450 has highly flexible architecture that enables your business to benefit from convergence capabilities formerly only available to larger companies.

We Sell Refurbished BCM 450 Phone System

We can design a Refurbished or new digital or VoIP phone system and telephones to fit your needs or quote our prices for a system proposal you've already received. Call us today for help configuring a system, or help with any of your telecom questions at 1-888-234-4975 or email us. If required, we can install your VoIP business phone system through our nationwide network.

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