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Used Samsung DS-5014D KPDP14SED/XAR

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The DS-5014D KPDP14SED/XAR Digital Phone is an ideal solution for power users in small offices. With its easy-to-use features, and user-friendly menu, incoming calls are really easy to process while keeping close control of call activity, and improves productivity, user-friendly menu, easy-to-use features, and is cost efficient

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The Samsung DS-5014D K KPDP14SED/XAR Digital Phone features navigation key giving ease of access to many functions makes this an ideal phone when used with a headset or a power user in small offices. It provides 14 programmable keys with LEDs, 5 fixed function keys and a clear 2-line 48-character LCD display. Samsung digital phone DS-5014D features a 24-character, 2 line scrollable LCD screen to display call information like Calling Line Identification (CLI, who is calling) and Direct Dialing Inward (DDI, which may indicate why they are calling). The LCD also helps the users navigate effortlessly through the systems features. The phone has 8 selectable ring tones useful in open office environments with full hands-free for both on-hook dialing and speech. The phone is provided with desk or wall mounting options. Is cost efficient and Add-on modules are assigned to compatible digital phones, creating 64 additional soft keys. With busy lamps that help your attendant process calls more efficiently while keeping close control of the flow.

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